Inner ThighCorrection Leg Exerciser

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Rediscover Confidence with the Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer

Introducing our Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer, a revolutionary device designed to empower women on their journey to postpartum recovery and enhanced intimate well-being. With its ergonomic design and innovative features, this portable fitness equipment is here to redefine your exercise routine.

Features That Transform:

  • Tighten Hips: Experience the transformative effect of firmer and more toned hips.
  • Inner Thigh Muscle Training: Say goodbye to unwanted fat with targeted inner thigh muscle workouts.
  • Youthful Restoration: Contract the pelvic floor muscles to restore youthfulness and confidence.
  • Ergonomic Design: Crafted to perfection, our trainer is expertly designed to match pelvic floor muscles, resulting in tightened hips and buttocks.
  • Non-Slip Confidence: The surface features soft silicone particles for a non-slip grip, ensuring easy and effective use.


  • Classified by Exerciser Number: 1
  • Function: Legs
  • Name: Postpartum training device, pelvic orthosis
  • Portable Fitness Equipment: Exercise equipment
  • Product Name: Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer
  • Material: ABS + Soft Silicone
  • Size: 22cm x 26cm

Empower yourself with our Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer, a device designed to enhance your postpartum recovery journey. Rediscover your confidence, tighten your hips, and experience transformative inner thigh muscle training. With its ergonomic design and non-slip grip, achieving your fitness goals has never been easier.

Invest in your well-being today, and embark on a path to tighter hips and a more confident you with our Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer.

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